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Homemade Ricotta for the Masses.


When many people think of ricotta cheese, they think of this:


See what I did there? I made it all old timey looking since this stuff will be a thing of your past.

People who don’t like ricotta, generally don’t like it because it tends to be grainy and flavorless. I know there are…

Found this guy hard at work during the Supermoon last night.  Get those mosquitoes little spider!
I didn’t really have time to do any flower planting this year, which I guess isn’t really an issue when I have chickens to pick up and “deposit” seeds for me.
Two days ago I thought I has somehow killed my crepe myrtle and today after the rain it popped.  Go figure.
My ducks are total jerks and knocked my favorite chicken into their algae infested duck pool.  She’s not happy.
Look!  I found a console TV bush growing in the back pasture!
I found these cute little chicken salt dishes at a flea market today.  They go with my grown up chicken dishes.  I fear I’m turning into the crazy chicken dish lady.
How many of you got this Easter card from YOUR Mother-in-Law?